The expanded Canal Demands Taking Precautions


We all agree that the huge expansion of the Panama Canal came to revolutionize the maritime industry and the global trade, but, the increased transit of goods through our ports and free zones also involves the risk of an increase in counterfeiting activities.

Certainly, our customs authorities are implementing a well-developed logistics plan and advanced surveillance systems in order to control the transit of counterfeit goods, but for the business sector, it will always be important to take all necessary measures to protect their industrial property rights.

Coronell, Lam y Asociados, founded in 1968 in the Panama Canal area where the largest port facilities in the country and the Colón Free Trade Zone are located- holding a team of highly qualified professionals, extensive experience in the copyright and related rights fields, it is prepared to provide its services.

No one can take as their own or modify a brand and/or a product without the express permission of the owner, our human team and technological equipments are ready to provide you the advice you need to secure your industrial property.

It’s quite concerning the possible increase of counterfeiters who will try to take advantage of the work intensification in the Canal, ports and the Free Trade Zone. The expanded Panama Canal, which just opened last June 26, 2016, is gigantic.

Gigantic Channel, gigantic “Post Panamax” megaships that can pass through the Canal with up to 14 thousand containers, gigantic transit of goods between Asia and America. It follows a new concept of world trade, which materializes in job creation and strengthening of the local economy; but also warns of the aforementioned drawbacks.

The opening of the Expanded Canal means that huge investments are being made in the ports, the shipyards are manufacturing apace new commercial ships with an equivalent length of four soccer fields, a maximum beam of 32 meters, a draft of 12 meters and an air draft of 60 meters (equivalent to a 20-story building, each story of three meters high).

Our customs authorities are already prepared, trained and accredited to conduct inspections over the in-transit cargo at our ports and Free Trade Zones, with cutting edge technological equipment. But do not wait to be noticed that counterfeit goods were detected to begin to defend your intellectual property rights. In Coronell, Lam y Asociados we will provide all the support you need to take the necessary precautions.