Registration Of Patents

A warranty against disloyal competition
At Coronell, Lam & Associates, we provide patent registration services to protect your inventions and discoveries.

We have a highly qualified professional team and a three-decade track record in the field. Our goal is to ensure that your rights are protected and to prevent plagiarism, enabling you to capitalize on your creations both commercially and industrially. We also specialize in the protection of trademarks, computer system designs, trade names, and industrial designs. We are here to address your concerns and welcome you to our list of satisfied clients. Contact us for more information.

How much does it cost to develop a new technological product of proven utility? How much, to have developed a light bulb… how much, to prove the effectiveness of a medicine… an industrial design… an innovative computing system?

It is so much the privilege of an inventor/discoverer, that the State grants him an exclusive privilege to his industrial and commercial exploitation, by means of a patent that protects him of plagiarism, as so often has happened in the history of societies.

It will always be possible for the inventor to go to the property registration of his country and follow the procedures that sometimes become impossible. But in Colonell, Lam & Associates, with an abundant trajectory of three decades and a professional and highly qualified support team, we’re in capacity of processing your patent, to your whole satisfaction.

From our headquarters, with our professional team, or through specialized correspondents, Colonell, Lam & Associates registers your patents, wherewith you are preventing plagiarism and securing the commercial and industrial exploitation of that invention or discovery that belongs to you. Our goal is to observe that your rights are duly protected.

Patents –exclusive rights granted by the State to industrially and commercially exploit the inventions, industrial innovations or commercial strategies–are amoung our specialties.

We protect inventions, brands, patents, computing system schemes, tradenames, industrial designs of our clients from any attempt of unfair competition.

It will fill us with satisfaction to address your concerns and include you in our long list of satisfied customers. Just contact us. We are ready to serve!

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