Wills, Donations And Advance Medical Directives

Planning on how we shall dispose or distribute the result of our work
At Coronell, Lam & Associates, we provide guidance to plan the disposition of your assets according to your wishes after your passing.

Whether through wills or donations, we can assist you in preventing future family conflicts. We also provide guidance on testamentary guardianship to protect minors and individuals with disabilities. Additionally, we assist you in expressing advanced medical directives to make clear decisions in serious health situations. We are a reliable choice and here to serve you. Contact us for more information.

One of the purposes in life is that according to our desire, our assets, shares, money, real properties and art treasures be bequeathed to our descendants upon our death.

There are different forms of planning on how we shall dispose or distribute the result of our work and dedication.  By means of a will or through a donation, we may ensure that there shall be no subsequent family differences upon our death.

We provide the necessary guidance on how to plan the manner in which your goods shall be granted to your heirs.

It is important to further emphasize that it is always advisable, in case of heirs being minors or disabled children, to establish by means of an intestate guardianship, the person who shall act as guardian in order to protect them and their goods.

The decision of acting in case of a serious medical situation and/or terminal phase may be clearly established by an advanced medical directive.

We provide solutions, we are trustworthy and we are ready to provide you with our assistance.  Contact us! We remain at your service!

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