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We are professionals in real estate matters
At Coronell, Lam & Associates, we are licensed Real Estate Brokers granted by the State.

We possess the proven competencies, track record, integrity, and prestige to provide you with guidance in matters of leasing, acquisitions, development, and real estate litigation. When acquiring a property, be it land or a building, it’s crucial to have reliable professionals who ensure legal security and prevent losses of time and money. Additionally, if you’re interested in properties in the historic district of Colon City, it’s important to consider Heritage Regulations that may limit property usage. At Coronell, Lam & Associates, we offer solutions and are ready to assist you with confidence. Contact us for further information. We are here to serve you.

The purchase of a real property – land or buildings – must not be entrusted to fortuitous or inexpert businessman which may cause waste of time or money.  In order to preserve the legal certainty in these transactions, we recommend professionals of proven competence, career, honesty and prestige.

We are Certified Realtors with a license issued by the Government, thus guaranteeing professionalism and competence and providing counseling in leasing, purchase, development and litigation in real estate matters.

For the purchase of properties in the “old part” of the City of Colon it is necessary to first establish if the property has been affected by the regulations of Historic Heritage which limits the use of the property.

We provide solutions, we are trustworthy and we are ready to provide you with our assistance.  Contact us! We remain at your service!

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