Criminal Law

We have qualified personnel
At our firm, we provide legal services in criminal matters, both for individuals accused or alleged perpetrators of a crime and for victims.

We have qualified personnel to represent all parties involved in the legal proceedings. Our goal is to ensure that all rights and guarantees are respected throughout the criminal process. At Coronell, Lam & Associates, we are trustworthy and here to assist you. Contact us for more information and to avail of our legal assistance in criminal cases.

Being involved in a criminal process, whether as an accused person or as a victim, is an uncomfortable situation that anyone can find themselves in. Our firm offers legal services in criminal matters, and we have qualified personnel to handle these cases.

All parties involved in the legal proceedings, including the victim, the complainant, the natural or legal person accused, the affected third party, and the third party with civil liability, have the right to participate in the process and assert their rights and guarantees through legal representation.

Some of these parties can intervene in the process from the preliminary investigation phase, as is the case with the person under suspicion and the victim.

Other parties, such as the affected third party, have the right to participate in the process when their interests are impacted, which occurs when their assets are affected.

The third party with civil liability is the natural or legal person who is liable for the damage caused by the accused with the criminal act. They must present evidence of their defense during the oral trial.

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