The temporary protection migration status has been established and the creation of the Temporary Protection Permit has been introduced within the National Immigration Service.

Migración de protección temporal

By means of Executive Decree No. 112 issued on July 13, 2023

The President of the Republic, in exercise of his constitutional and legal powers, has enacted this decree for the purpose of instituting a Temporary Protection Permit.  This permit shall be available to all foreign persons, regardless of their nationality, who, at the time of the entry into force of the decree, are in an irregular situation in the national territory and have remained in the country for a period of not less than one (1) year, without having initiated a migratory process.

Further to the requirements established in this decree, those citizens who opt for the Temporary Permit must undergo an interview or evaluation carried out by the National Immigration Service.  It is advisable that they have the advice of a competent lawyer to carry out this procedure in an adequate manner.