Jun 21, 2017

Employees of private and public companies shall benefit from paternity leave

As from the month of May, employees of private and public companies shall benefit from a paid paternity leave as established in the recently approved Law 27 of May 23, 2017, when his wife or partner in conditions of singularity gives birth.  The employee must have informed his employer one week in advance of the possible labor date of his wife or partner, as established in Article 2 of the Law.

In order to receive this benefit, it is important that the employee be informed on Article 3 which establishes that the paternity leave shall have a duration of three business days computed as working time; period during which the employee receiving the benefit shall not work for another employer or on his own.

The license shall be computed as of the date of birth of his son or daughter.  The employee receiving this right must present to the employer the birth certificate issued by the National Directorate of the Civil Registry, of the Board of Elections, certifying him as father of the child.  The Law was enacted in the Official Gazette on May 25, 2017 and shall be regulated by the Executive Body.