Jul 15, 2016

The expanded Canal Demands Taking Precautions

We all agree that the huge expansion of the Panama Canal came to revolutionize the maritime industry and the global trade, but, the increased transit of goods through our ports and free zones also involves the risk of an increase in counterfeiting activities. Certainly, our customs authorities are implementing...

Apr 13, 2016

Colon’s Free port, a pearl in the Atlantic

By establishing a special economic system, which states Colon’s city as a free zone. Panama aims to invigorate the touristic, economic and commercial life of the Atlantic’s coast. Once it has been established –in the next four months- the law known as Colon’s free port will allow all the...

Mar 17, 2016

Keep your trade secrets safe

The business sector has always been the target of scammers and thieves, including employees and related parties trying to steal money and goods, there is no reason to believe that the IT tools got you fully protected. It is common to hear news about cyber attacks against companies, but...

Jan 13, 2016

Panama reinforces anti-piracy measures

Anti-piracy measures in Panama apply to brands registered in the Republic of Panama and are effective when the brands are registered both in the Customs Office and the Industrial Property Authority.

Jan 05, 2016

Minimum Wage in all the National Territory

REPUBLIC OF PANAMA MINISTRY OF WORK AND LABOR DEVELOPMENT Executive Decree No. 93 Which sets the new minimum wage rates throughout the national territory THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC in exercise of his constitutional and legal powers. CONSIDERING: That the Government of the Republic of Panama, aware of its responsibility...

Jan 02, 2016

Deadline to change bearer shares ends

The companies that issued bearer shares before May 4 of this year, 2015, should replace them by registered share certificates or deliver them into custody, before December 31. It should be noticed that the law governing such shares, which came into force on May 4, states that: “All companies...

Dec 22, 2015

Our renovated website

With our firm Coronell & Asociados, founded in 1968, we have accompanied Colon Free Trade Zone business sector, providing fast and efficient service in all necessary procedures for companies’ establishment and consolidation.