Registration of Trademarks

Exclusive & unique identity

One of the fascinating experiences an observant traveler will find out when he is in a country of unknown language and foreign culture is the opportunity to identify certain products that are familiar: a symbol; a mark.

In the same way, every time we go to a commercial establishment, we head to the relevant sections of products and, with a brief look, we find what we’re looking for: the brand of our preference; a whole guarantee.

Such is the importance of a logo, an image, a word, a concept: the symbol of a brand. It is a value-added product, own and with unique features, that does not stand for plagiarism or imitation, protected by states and international trade agreements.

To enjoy that kind of protection. However, the trademark must be formally registered and, in Coronell, Lam & Associates, with over thirty years of experience and a professional team equipped with advanced technology, we are here to help you.

We take care of the registration process of your trademark, along a process that begins checking if your trademark does not match with any other registered trademarks, and continues defending your interests, judicially–in the case of the process of opposition, invalidity or cancelation–until your trademark is registered in the appropriate country.

From our headquarters in Colón, Panama, and with the support of our trusted specialized correspondents, we register trademarks anywhere in the world.

We register your trademark, and we will defend it. We will head to the administration of justice to enforce or defend a right over a trademark or symbol, in the case of process opposition and trademark nullity, when we consider that a right is being violated.

The trademark is your product’s identity at everybody’s sight; it is unique and inimitable. Your fame depends on it, your positioning and success. It is the link between the product and the customer; an identity that is always present.

In Coronell Lam & Associates, we are pleased to put our extensive experience and our human and logistics teams available at your disposal for registration and trademark protection. Just contact us! We’re at your service!

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