Fashion and Retail

Law Experts in Fashion and Retail

Fashion is a branch of economics that not only moves many millions of dollars and involves millions of actors–designers, producers, promoters, sellers–but the Internet has led the fashion to exceed the traditional concept of exhibition retail and fashion parades.

Just like the fashion craftsmen have their own rights. Also, the responsible for the various market levels, the owners, and managers of showrooms, shops, etc… are acquiring them in the wide chain that leads to the consumer.

No wonder why the fashion industry ghosts of piracy and falsification arose; but the Laws of Fashion and Retail exists and, we, in Coronell, Lam & Associates, are ready to fight and defend the rights of our clients.

We are experts in this area of law, and we are able to provide legal advice at national and international levels to designers, entrepreneurs and investors interested or involved in this attractive branch of the economy.

Each professional has a right, in the process of fashion, which is legally protected, and so the designers, models, stylists, manufacturers, traders (wholesalers and retailers), promoters, trustees franchise, brand owners…

We offer our help in the field of laws of the Fashion and Retail. We are in the Colon Free Trade Zone–the largest in Latin America–but we can assist you anywhere in the world where required.

We would love to discuss your issues, meet your aspirations, and assist you in registering your companies, brands, and ideas. We are in the best position to defend your rights–if this is your case–of pirates or counterfeiters.

Our reputation is backed by thirty years of experience in the Colon Free Trade Zone. Ask, check and contact us. We’re at your service!

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