Criminal Law

Derecho Penal - Criminal Law

To be related to a criminal process, whether as alleged perpetrator of a crime or as victim, always represents an awkward position and any person may be involved thereat.  Our firm, together with our qualified personnel, offers services in criminal matter.

All subjects in a process: the victim, the plaintiff, the accused individual or legal entity, the third party concerned and the liable third party are entitled to participate in the process, and to enforce his/their rights and guarantees by a judicial representation with the purpose of looking after his/their rights.

Some of the mentioned parties may intervene in the process as of the preliminary investigation phase, such as is the case of the suspect and the victim.

The other subjects of the process, the third party concerned, are entitled to participate in the process since they have been affected and this intervention exists as of the moment their patrimony is affected.

The liable third party is the individual or legal entity responsible for the damage caused by the accused with the punishable act, and who may offer evidence of his/its acquittal at a oral hearing.

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