The Firm

Coronell, Lam & Asociados

Our law firm was established in 1968 in the City of Colon, located in the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal. In this area you can find the largest port facilities of the country and the Colon Free Zone, being first in importance and currently the largest in the Western Hemisphere of the American Continent.

The purpose of our law firm is to offer a fast and efficient service to the companies established in the area and to the many persons and companies abroad carrying out businesses in this important sector.

Through our law firm, we have attracted investments to the Colon Free Zone and at the same time we have contributed with all necessary proceedings for their establishment thereat, assisting them in carrying out businesses with the most important cities in the world.

This has lead us to achieve an excellent clientele within the area. Due to the international business developed in the area, we have established a network of correspondents worldwide, specially in Latin America, providing us permanent contact with colleagues around the globe, developing in many cases into a 20-year business relationship.

Due to the commercial activities developed in this part of the country, where ports established in the area have an annual movement of more than 7 million containers (TEU) and the Colon Free Zone has commercial transactions for more than 10 billion dollars per year, we have in our firm an important Industrial Property Department offering services in the registration of patents, industrial designs, trademarks, copyrights, to mention some.

Being located at a 5-minute drive from the ports and the Colon Free Zone has given us the advantage of providing fast and efficient assistance to many companies in a convenient way in actions against robbery of their trademarks or works, thus achieving successful confiscations during the development thereof.

Our Department of Corporations specializes in the organization of companies which shall operate at a local level in this international commercial area. The Panamanian legislation offers broad stability, flexibility, confidentiality and celerity in the procedures related with the organization of corporations, this being a great advantage for our foreign clients.